To see the best reviews come to my blog. I’m not just doing games, I’m doing projects from my class and if I go  somewhere cool you will know about it. When I get a game that I like you will hear all about it and if I want a game you will also hear about that .If you have questions I will  try to answer them and if you like video games go visit Alex’s blog Gamer Tips. He has the best gamer tips.

I hope sudents in the bloging challenge will come and read this.

cc flicker image: Logitech Cordless PS2 Controller

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  2. Gregory says:

    Hey Travis,
    I like what you put down for your post Find the best game reviews. It sounds like a very creative post.

  3. [...]  A teacher named Ms.Wyatt (which we all know!) created it to approve your writing and commenting skills and to connect people from around the world.Many people from a many places sign up for it. Each year! It can be very fun and I like writing the posts. Here is the link to Challenge 1 so you can start if you haven’t yet. Here is my post from last year why you should visit my blog. [...]

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